Friday, 23 September 2016

Duffy Assembly

What a wonderful way to end the term with a Duffy Assembly.

Nicole Rex, a radio broadcaster, came to talk to us about how reading had helped her achieve and succeed in life and then we got our Duffy Books!

We had a fun afternoon reading and sharing our new books with each other.

Thanks Duffy.

Yummy Maths

We have been conducting our own statistical investigations during maths. Today Ms. Bonsey gave us all a packet of M and M's first we estimated how many of each colour would be in the packet and then we opened it to check our estimations.  Then we ate them!

We then used the data we had collected to make a bar graph that showed our results.

What a fun way to do maths !

Rangikura Olympics

What a fantastic Day we had out in the sunshine!

We all showed the Olympic Values as we participated in all the activities, supported and encouraged our peers and had a great time too.

Friday, 9 September 2016


Today Room 5 and Room 7 had such a lot of carrots in our fruit buckets and because we have been looking at the long vowel sounds this week we thought we would make some fruit juice.

Despite thinking it would taste yucky we all tried it and to our surprise we LOVED it.

Friday, 2 September 2016

Wacky Dress Day for KidsCan

Today we all raised money to support KidsCan.
Some of us dressed up in "Wacky" clothes and some of us even got to tape Mr. Featherston to the wall.
What a great time :)

Project Energize!

Brianna from Project Energize came to show Room 5 some cool fitness games.

We learnt to play

  • traffic Light
  • Freeze
  • In the Pond
  • Go Home 
  • Stretching Shapes.
We had so much fun and were so hot afterwards from all the running around.

You can check out Project Energize at