Monday, 26 June 2017

Bones, bones, bones!

We have been learning lots about bones in Room 57.  

Did you know we have more bones in our hands than in our feet?
And that the biggest bone in our body is our femur?

We used all the things we knew about bones to make a skeleton.  We worked in small groups to create our skeleton and we had to do lots of problem solving and talking to each other to make sure our skeleton looked right.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Room 5 loves to read

Going to read it. Read about it.

I'm a Duffy kid and so proud of it
You can do it. Nothing to it. 
I can help you if you want me to.

Tall as a Totara Duffy Kids will read around the world

Friday, 16 June 2017

Discovering on a Friday afternoon

Today Room 5 and 7 children were given a challenge:

In you groups make a person using all the playdough and make sure the person is standing up!

What we found out is that our playdough person kept falling over.  After we all talked about it had a think we decided the reason we don't fall over is because we have BONES!

We then used straws as the bones and tried again to make our person - and guess what?

It worked!!!

The bones helped our playdough person stand up.


Today along with Room 13 we ran the school assembly.  

Caleb, Kayden and Adelaide did us proud as they presented the Star Student awards and introduced the items during assembly.

We also showed the school the stars that we have been working on for Matariki.